Perfect Point


Perfect Point from Master Cutlery designs a high-quality, precise, and extremely well-balanced knife. They are a top choice for beginners and experienced throwers and stand out thanks to their black stainless steel blades that provide corrosion and wear resistance. With a range that includes everything from classic black blades to more intricate designs, Perfect Point offers a wide variety for anyone interested in the art of knife throwing. The full tang construction in many of their models ensures durability and a balanced feel in the hand. This makes them ideal for consistent throwing and target practice. 

These throwing knives embody a blend of functionality and style. Whether it's the Flames Throwing Knife Set or Ninja Stars, each knife delivers a unique experience. Each set of throwing knives and stars comes with a nylon sheath for safe storage and secure transport. Perfect Point knives are a reliable and durable option for various enthusiasts looking to practice their throwing skills. 


Throwing knives are a unique category because they are used in the sport of knife throwing. Unlike traditional knives, these are made with specific weights and balances to ensure that they can be thrown accurately at targets. Key features include:

  • Weight Distribution: These knives are well-balanced tools that have the perfect rotation when thrown.
  • Design: Throwing knives often feature a full tang and no handles for better balance and a perfect spin.
  • Blade: There are various blade shapes for throwing knives, but they are typically designed for safe throwing rather than cutting.


  • Sport and Recreation: Ideal for target practice, competitive throwing events, and even performance in shows.
  • Skill Development: They are great tools for improving skills like hand-eye coordination and concentration.
  • Collectibles: Knife enthusiasts often collect these knives for their unique designs and craftsmanship.


When you purchase a Perfect Point throwing knife from AutoKnives, you're investing in a product that is high-quality, durable, and reliable for many recreational activities. We curate our selection of Perfect Point knives to offer a variety of options for throwers of all levels. Our team understands the importance of balance, weight, and design in throwing knives and we ensure that our selection meets these critical criteria. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics of knife throwing or a professional wanting an upgrade, AutoKnives has the best in selection, customer service, and product knowledge. Our commitment to quality also ensures that you get a product that meets and exceeds your expectations. There is no better option than a Perfect Point throwing knife to develop your skills and techniques as a knife thrower. 

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