Lightning OTF Knives

Out the front knives are a type of automatic knife. Unlike an out the side switchblade, the blade opens and closes through an opening on the top of the handle. There are two types of OTF knives: single action and double action. When triggered, both types automatically push the blade out. However, with a single action knife, you must reset the blade before using the firing button again. Dual action knives use the same mechanism to pull the blade back in without having to reset. 

Out the front knives are known for being convenient, fast action, and fun to use. Depending on your intended use and how much you are willing to spend, OTF knives can range anywhere from around 30 dollars to over 300 dollars. 

If you are looking for a high quality OTF automatic knife that doesn’t break the bank, Lightning OTF knives are a great option for you.

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